Home of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in Colorado

For Sale sales policy below applys


BridgeportFarms OMFV Lucius             tri colored brown, black, white buck           Price:$300 Sale pending                         DOB: 3-11-11

Sire: Old Mountain Farm H. Voltage

Dam: Sawgna Farm Splash O Dream




Mini Heart .......                                          chamoisee pinto, frosted ears, pink nose, blue eyes doe kid                                Price:$325 Sale pending                        DOB: 3-9-13

Sire: Mountain Acres Goats Gally

Dam: Elmwood Goldenrod's Lil Dolly




 Sales Policy

When there is a goat for sale, it is open for anyone to buy. When kids are born they will be posted in photos and schedule but will not be on the sales page until I have decided if Im retaining or not and people on reservation list have decided if they are buying or not. If a goat is reserved or sale is pending it doesnt mean they are sold. If interested in a reserved goat please let me know and if the reserver backs down, Ill go down the list of people interested. A $50 down deposit is required to reserve a kid. Once weaned at 8-12 weeks and kept for a couple days to make sure all is good, you will be contacted and informed your goat(s) are ready. Once the animal has left my property in good health, its not my reasponsibility if something happens. Deposits are nonrefundable under certain terms. If you want to switch the payment to a different animal, or if something happens to the animal while at my place, a full refund will be made.  There is a muliple goat discount of $25 after full purchase of one.  I will always try my best to help anyone out and answer questions.  SHIP NATION WIDE at buyers expense.


Alyssa Rochelle Phone:719-349-0798 Email:a.goinshowin314 @yahoo.com